At a glance

  • Use the car's existing equipment as a Dashcam and, where allowed, shoot high-resolution videos
  • Automatic recording of road speed and time of day
  • Easy storage on your own USB device
  • Easy to control via media display, Touch Control buttons and touchpad

Captures defining moments.

If you love spectacular roads, why not use the existing camera technology in your Mercedes to film the highlights of your next road trip? To make your unique experiences truly memorable ones. Use the windscreen's built-in camera to capture breathtaking videos from your front-row seat – with an unobstructed view ahead and a stable image – and fill your car-travel diary with unique footage.

You can use the MBUX Dashcam software to film the trips in your car and save them as videos on a USB memory device. For NTG6 vehicles, the videos have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p) and a frame rate of up to 30 Hz. For NTG7 vehicles, videos have a resolution of (1080p), and frame rate is limited to 25Hz to increase performance. Your road speed and the time of day, recorded automatically, are embedded visibly in the videos. You can control the recording intuitively using the menu on the media display, the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel or the touchpad in the centre console. Existing camera technology is used for the recording, so there's no need for any additional external equipment or cables other than a USB memory device. You can play back your footage directly on the media display once you have stopped the car or watch it on a tablet after transferring from your USB memory device.

Note on use:

The purpose of the Dashcam function is to provide you with the option to install a recording device to record activities on public roads and in public places, for use as records of trips or as evidence in the event of an accident, if you so choose. Recordings are made on a USB flash drive connected to the Media Interface slot. You can choose from two settings via the media display, the touch control buttons or the touchpad: the Dashcam can stop recording when the storage capacity has been reached or can automatically overwrite older data. You can then either view the video material on the media display in the vehicle (when stationary) or on a computer at home.

Each Australian state and territory has legislation that governs the use of optical surveillance devices, such as cameras. Before using the dashcam function, or installing a recording device, you should make sure that you understand the legal restrictions in any state or territory where you propose to use the dashcam. You must observe all legal requirements. You must not use, or allow or permit anyone else to use, the Dashcam in an unlawful manner or for an unlawful purpose including but not limited to using the camera to observe a private activity. You must not by act or omission, cause MBAuP to infringe or otherwise breach any law or regulation.

You should always disconnect the recording device and deactivate the Dashcam function when your vehicle is being serviced or repaired.

Following once-only activation, this on-demand feature will be permanently available in the vehicle.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd
Note on use
Permanently available in the vehicle following once-only activation

In order to use the on-demand feature Dashcam, the vehicle must be equipped with MBUX Augmented Reality for Navigation (U19). You will need your own USB memory device to save your footage.

How do I activate the on-demand feature in the vehicle?
Please make sure that your vehicle is connected to your Mercedes me user account and that the vehicle's GPS reception is working. In the Mercedes me Store place the on-demand feature available for your vehicle in the shopping cart and complete the order.
The vehicle's ignition must be turned off for activation. Turn the ignition on again after approximately 2 minutes. The menu item "Dashcam" will be redisplayed on the main screen/homescreen of the multimedia system in your Mercedes and will be available for use.