Adaptive Highbeam Assist

At a glance

  • Automatic switching between low and high beam for optimum visibility conditions
  • Better lighting in every situation
  • Prevents other road users from being dazzled

Best possible light conditions - at all times.

Better light conditions in fog, rain, twilight and darkness: With Adaptive Highbeam Assist, you can be sure of optimum illumination of the road at all times. It controls the intelligent lighting of your Mercedes automatically. In doing so, it avoids dazzling other road users by automatically switching between high and low beam.Better lighting conditions at all times - without impairing the visibility conditions of others.


Your advantages at a glance.

To use Adaptive Highbeam Assist in your Mercedes, set the rotary light switch to "Auto" and activate the assistant using the control lever on the steering wheel. Now it automatically takes over the optimal illumination of the road. The camera system registers oncoming vehicles and vehicles in front, provided they are themselves using their lighting system. Switching between high and low beam automatically is active in dark conditions from a driving speed of 30 km/h on roads without street lighting.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U.
Note on use
Licence term limited
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Available for vehicles equipped with LED High Performance headlamps (631/632) and the NTG7 generation of the MBUX multimedia system.

How is activation carried out in the vehicle?
Please ensure that your vehicle is connected to your Mercedes me user account and that the vehicle has GPS reception. Add the Adaptive Highbeam Assist product to your shopping cart in the Mercedes me Store and complete the order.
To activate, the ignition of the vehicle must be switched off. After approximately 2 minutes, switch the ignition on again. If the activation was successful, you will receive a notification via your vehicle's multimedia system. If no notification appears, please repeat the above procedure.