Hard-disc navigation
Hard-disc navigation

At a glance

  • Revolutionary voice control with natural speech recognition
  • New 3D map display with POI search for points of interest
  • Unrestricted access to all map data thanks to offline hard-disc storage
  • Faster arrival with real-time Live Traffic Information and dynamic route guidance
  • Car-to-X Communication for precise information about accidents, roadworks or weather hazards

You get to your destination faster.

The meeting in an unfamiliar town is due to start at 9.00 a.m., you have left home late and on the final stretch you are confronted with roadworks. Neither a carpark nor the building you want are in sight. Thanks to your Hard-disc navigation you get your bearings on the 3D map. And finding a carpark? …"Hey Mercedes, I want to park." Your Mercedes automatically guides you to the nearest multi-storey carpark.

Neither will roadworks come as a surprise any more, as the Hard-disc navigation enables you to use the Mercedes me connect services Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X Communication. Thanks to traffic data in real time and the intelligent networking of vehicles, you know about weather hazards or breakdowns well in advance and simply choose the best alternative route. So you arrive more quickly.


Your advantages at a glance

Isn't it really reassuring to know that you are always on the right route? That is exactly what is ensured by the latest-generation Hard-disc navigation, which always takes you to your destination by the best route. All the maps are stored on the hard disc, so you have access to all the data at any time. In addition, the 3D map display helps you with orientation by showing three-dimensional images of buildings. Naturally these are in the familiar, high Mercedes-Benz quality. The POI search function helps you to find places of interest. And thanks the intuitive voice control, you can control the navigation system in your own words, not with learned commands.

Practically in real time, Live Traffic Information analyses the traffic flow and if necessary suggests the best available alternative route. Whether you are driving in town, on country roads or on the motorway. The estimated arrival time is also automatically and reliably updated. The intelligent Mercedes me connect service Car-to-X Communication connects vehicles with each other and with the transport infrastructure. When the system receives information about hindrances on your route, you are given an early visual and audible warning.


Note on use:
Following once-only activation, this on-demand feature will be permanently available in the vehicle

Product information

Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U.
Note on use
Permanently available in the vehicle following once-only activation
Item number

This on-demand feature is available for vehicles with the MBUX multimedia system and the MBUX Extended Functions feature.

  1. How do I activate the on-demand feature in the vehicle?
    Please make sure that your vehicle is connected to your Mercedes me user account and that the vehicle's GPS reception is working.In the Mercedes me Store, place the on-demand feature available for your vehicle in the shopping cart and complete the order.
    The vehicle's ignition must be turned off for activation. Turn the ignition on again after approximately 2 minutes. The menu item "Navigation" is redisplayed on the main screen/homescreen of the multimedia system in your Mercedes and is available for use.

  2. Are there any additional costs for the Mercedes me connect services?
    When you purchase the on-demand feature Hard-disc navigation, the Mercedes me connect services Live Traffic Information, Car-to-X Communication and Online Map Update are enabled for you and can be used free of charge for a limited period of three years after first activation.

  3. Can I use the included Mercedes me connect services immediately?
    After purchasing the on-demand feature Hard-disc navigation, you can use the Mercedes me connect services Live Traffic Information, Car-to-X Communication and Online Map Update. The availability of the services is shown in your Mercedes me Portal. To enable the services, please follow the activation instructions in the Mercedes me Portal.