Smartphone Integration
Smartphone Integration

At a glance

  • Connect your smartphone by cable or wirelessly
  • Supports Apple™ CarPlay™ and Android Auto™
  • Convenient voice control
  • Access to functions such as navigation, traffic information, messaging, telephony, media, IP radio and selected apps
  • Optimised content visualisation on the media display

The smart way to connect your smartphone with your Mercedes.

Need an address from your contacts list, want to chat or listen to music using an app? Smartphone Integration transfers your smartphone's most important apps to the media display. By cable or wirelessly – Apple™ CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ enables you to connect your smartphone to the multimedia system and make telephone calls, read emails, manage your calendar or choose an audiobook. Because that's what you're used to. Your personal smartphone apps – like almost all content – are transferred to the media display.


Your advantages at a glance

With Smartphone Integration you can effortlessly pair your smartphone with the media display for convenient access to many apps. Using the interface, you can control numerous functions just as you would on your smartphone. And things are even easier with voice control. Moreover, all content is processed so that it is ideally presented in a clearly arranged manner on the media display. So that nothing distracts you and you are always safe on the road.

Before purchasing, please check your smartphone's compatibility with the Apple™ CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ standard. This is absolutely essential in addition to the technical features in the vehicle for use of the on-demand feature Smartphone Integration. Please see the FAQ section for further details.


Note on use:
Following once-only activation, this on-demand feature will be permanently available in the vehicle

Product information

Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U.
Note on use
Permanently available in the vehicle following once-only activation
Item number

This on-demand feature is available for vehicles with the MBUX multimedia system and the MBUX Extended Functions feature.

  1. Notes on operation in the vehicle:
    Apple™ CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ are not available in all countries. Individual functions and apps may not be available in some countries. More information about Apple™ CarPlay™ at and about Android Auto™ at

  2. How do I activate the on-demand feature in the vehicle?
    Please make sure that your vehicle is connected to your Mercedes me user account and that the vehicle's GPS reception is working.In the Mercedes me Store, place the on-demand feature available for your vehicle in the shopping cart and complete the order.
    The vehicle's ignition must be turned off for activation. Turn the ignition on again after approximately 2 minutes. A new entry for Apple™ CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ is displayed in the "Mercedes Me & Apps" menu item of the multimedia system in your Mercedes and is available for use.