Trailer Manoeuvring Assist
Trailer Manoeuvring Assist

At a glance

  • Camera-based assistance when reversing with a trailer
  • Use the MBUX touchscreen to set the articulation angle
  • Several camera angles allow you to keep an eye on everything

Manoeuvre like a pro

Whether you're off on holiday, out for a weekend trip or driving to an event, your Mercedes can tow all manner of trailers such as a caravan, boat or horsebox. Trailer Manoeuvring Assist helps you reverse confidently, making life easier, particularly if you're not used to towing a trailer. Use the MBUX touchscreen to select the desired articulation angle and switch between different camera angles. Simply select the manoeuvre you require and let the system help you position the trailer exactly where you want it.


Your advantages at a glance

To activate Trailer Manoeuvring Assist, make sure the vehicle is stationary, engage reverse gear and then press the Parking button. Now you can select the desired manoeuvre on the MBUX touchscreen: set the articulation angle, choose the "Straighten up" function or select a 90° manoeuvre to reverse your vehicle around a 90° corner. You can also switch between camera angles to assist you during the manoeuvre. What's more, the articulation angle is automatically controlled during assisted reversing.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U.
Note on use
Term: 12 months; 36 months

The vehicle must be equipped with a trailer coupling (550), Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC (235), and the 360° camera (501).