Excellence Package

At a glance

Treat yourself and your Mercedes to the complete package – with no compromises. Enjoy the benefits of all product packages, with the full scope of Digital Extras that are available for your Mercedes: control vehicle functions from your smartphone, navigate using intelligent, dynamic route guidance, and take advantage of the security mechanisms for your Mercedes.

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

Everything safely in view

On landing in your holiday paradise, you have a nagging doubt about whether you have locked your vehicle at the airport back home. If you forgot to do so, you can lock it now from anywhere in the world via smartphone thanks to the Mercedes me App. And if you ever lock yourself out of your Mercedes or fellow travellers arrive at the vehicle before you, you can also unlock the doors conveniently by app.

For a good interior climate before you board your vehicle

Spent all day at the beach with the car in the blazing sunshine? If your car with a petrol or diesel engine has a stationary heater on board, this will provide for a pleasant temperature inside your vehicle courtesy of the pre-programmed ventilation option. In the winter months you can use this function to pre-heat your Mercedes from your breakfast table. So you can be sure the car windows will be free of ice by the time you leave the house.

Everything just as you like it

Did your son with a different taste in music adjust all the radio settings on his last trip? Simply use the Personalisation function so that everything is as you're used to it when you climb in. You can use it to add your individual profile to store the lumbar support and mirror settings, colour settings for the ambient lighting, your favourite radio station and further functions on a permanent basis. You can store these personal settings in your vehicle under "Settings" and call them up at any time. For supreme comfort from the moment you set off – at the push of a button.

No more unpleasant surprises

You have finally finished the weekly grocery shop, and as usual there's lots going on – when loading up your groceries you notice there's a dent in the bumper of your car. If the culprit didn't leave their address behind, you are now faced with the hassle of organising and paying for the repair yourself. With Theft notification and parking damage detection you will be quicker: A smartphone notification informs you in real time should your vehicle be moved or disturbed. In addition, the Mercedes me App shows the cause of the alarm as well as the level, place and time of the damage. When parking damage is detected, you will also see this information on the media display when you enter the car and you can transmit this to your Mercedes-Benz Partner if you wish.

Ready for any change in the weather

You arrive at the office in the morning in heavy rain, but later the sun comes out. To prevent your Mercedes parked outside from getting too hot inside by the time you finish work, you can raise the sliding sunroof by remote control. A tap on a button in the Mercedes me App is all it takes – even if you are not near your car. And should it start to rain again, the sliding sunroof will close automatically to keep the interior safe and dry.

Fresh air at the push of a button

The sunniest of weather can sometimes be a challenge, as you can't always find a parking space in the shade. Provide for a pleasant climate inside your Mercedes before you set off again. Using the Mercedes me App, you can open the windows and freshen up the interior by remote control while you are on the way to your vehicle. Should it suddenly begin to rain, the windows will close again automatically.

So you know just where you are

Foreign city, winding streets – you can find yourself asking where you parked and what the quickest way back to your vehicle is. Fortunately, your smartphone knows the answer. Your parked vehicle can be located by app within a radius of 1.5 km. And you can take the most direct route back to your Mercedes straight away.

Leave nothing to chance

Your offspring is off once again on a spontaneous tour in your Mercedes with friends. But you don't want your vehicle to be manoeuvred off in all directions without any restrictions? Then simply define a restricted area by marking it out on your smartphone or on the Mercedes me Portal. As soon as your vehicle leaves or enters this area again, you will be informed.

Finds your Mercedes whenever and wherever

If someone from the family has borrowed your Mercedes without asking, you'll obviously be keen to know just where they are at any given moment. You can easily find this out: either via smartphone or on the Mercedes me Portal. Your vehicle's current GPS coordinates will be relayed for this purpose. The driver will be informed of this tracking and can deactivate the function by phone if they so wish via the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center. Contact can be made via Info Call or your own mobile phone.

To prevent your Mercedes from going astray

The long-awaited holiday is finally here. You entrust your Mercedes to a valet parking service upon arrival at the airport. You want to be sure your Mercedes is in safe hands, of course. Vehicle Monitoring lets you keep an eye on all your vehicle's movements while you're away. You receive a notification whenever the ignition is switched on or whenever your Mercedes is moved away from its parking space. So that you have everything under control - leaving you free to enjoy the finer things in life while on holiday.

Let your Mercedes light up the way

It's a familiar predicament: in the dark it can prove impossible to find the vehicle which you parked in a large car park in daylight. The simplest solution: save yourself the trouble of a drawn-out search for your vehicle and have your Mercedes guide you instead. Simply activate the standing lights of your vehicle using the Mercedes me App. Your vehicle will remain locked as you make your way to it. And time-consuming searches for your vehicle are a thing of the past.

Takes you directly to the next available parking space

The troublesome search for a parking space – stressful for the driver, avoidable traffic build-up for local residents. The Available Parking Spaces service locates available parking spaces for you in multi-storey car parks and on the street. If you decide on a spot in a multi-storey car park you will receive information such as opening times, prices, payment options and the height limit of the entrance. For parking spaces on the street you will receive information on the size of the parking space and the time that has elapsed since the space became available.

See the weather coming

Get ready for the weather at your destination even during the trip – the Weather map service shows you on the map where it's currently sunny, cloudy or raining. Then just tap on the respective weather symbol for further information about the forecast for that area.

Navigate straight to points of interest at any location

Where is the Skytree in Tokyo? How do you get to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Your Mercedes knows the way to all the must-see attractions on your city break. You start the Local Search by voice command ..."Hey Mercedes, take me to the Louvre in Paris" or by entering information via the central controls. Save your search results or start your navigation system right away. This way, you can find any point of interest with ease.

Be prepared for any weather, wherever you go

On your way to the mountains, you plan for a break at an idyllic lake. You’ve packed the swimwear and planned the most beautiful route in advance – now only the weather has to play along. Your Mercedes knows if you can expect sun and pleasant temperatures: MBUX "Weather forecast" shows current weather information and forecasts on the media display. You choose the locations for which weather data is displayed – your current location, your destination and any other location of your choice.

Finds the fastest route to your destination every time

On your well deserved weekend outing you are making good progress on the motorway when all of sudden everything comes to a grinding halt – you're in a jam. It is situations such as this that make you wish you had a means of foreseeing traffic situations and taking timely evasive action. Live Traffic Information makes precisely this possible: Your route is modified automatically by reference to current traffic information, and you can continue your journey on less congested roads. Your arrival time is updated dynamically so that you know exactly when you will reach your destination. You stay on the move and can make the best possible use of your valuable time.

Safe and anticipatory driving with the aid of information from the connected network

On a trip in the mountains you're suddenly confronted with an icy patch around a bend and only just avoid skidding out of control. Everyone has experienced such unsettling situations, which pose a major risk in road traffic. Thanks to Car-to-X Communication you can see such hazards coming and react in good time. Vehicles equipped with this technology communicate with each other, so that information is relayed to your vehicle and you, in turn, also keep other drivers informed. You are warned by a marking on the navigation map and, where appropriate, by a spoken announcement. This way, you reach your destination safely, and without any unpleasant surprises.

Always on track with up-to-date map data

Time before heading off on holidays is at a minimum and you still have to go to the workshop to have your navigation data updated? Such time-consuming map updates are a thing of the past with the Online Map Update. You can conveniently update your map material via mobile communication or download from the Mercedes me Portal. In this way, you can always be sure that you will reach your destination via the best route.


Your advantages at a glance

With up-to-date navigation maps, you will reach your destination quicker and you will be more relaxed, too. And the Online Map Update also makes updating the map data simpler because a visit to the workshop is no longer required. All you need is a Mercedes me user account and a link to Mercedes me connect for your vehicle. Then select a map region on the Mercedes me Portal and the navigation map data will be updated automatically via mobile communication. Otherwise you can update your maps manually, for example if you are planning a trip abroad and would like to update the map material for individual countries or regions. In this case, you can conveniently download the required map material via the Mercedes me Portal and subsequently install it in the vehicle using a USB stick or SD card. Please turn on the ignition to do so.


User note

The system setting "Automatic Online Update" must be activated for the automatic map update. The map region that contains your country of residence is pre-set on the Mercedes me Portal. Please see the Overview of Services for information about the availability of services in different countries and model series, and the necessary optional equipment. You will find this overview in the Terms of Use, in the "Mercedes me connect Overview of Services" section.

Case number: solved. To make sure that your Mercedes returns to where it belongs as quickly as possible

Although you cannot keep an eye on your Mercedes around the clock yourself, you can at least rest assured that the necessary steps will be taken as soon as possible in the event of theft. In that case, one thing matters above all: not losing any time and finding out where your Mercedes is as quickly as possible. Our authorised service partner can provide the crucial edge in terms of time. The service partner releases the position data of your vehicle directly to police. As a result, the investigations start immediately even without a court order. And you increase the chances that your Mercedes quickly returns to where it belongs.


Your advantages at a glance

If your vehicle was stolen, report the theft immediately to the police. There you will be given a case number. Then use the service in the Mercedes me App to contact the security centre of our authorised service partner. After you have relayed your data, the case number and the relevant police station to the security centre, its employees will take care of the further process. They will manage communication with the police and provide support for the officers by starting the tracking feature and transmitting the position data. If your vehicle is located, the police can start the search immediately.


Note on use

This service can be used 10 days after purchase (waiting time). Vehicles that cannot be detected prior to purchasing this service or during the waiting time are not included in this service. It is also recommended that you store an e-mail address in your Mercedes me account in addition to your mobile phone number. This allows you to report a loss even if your vehicle and smartphone have been stolen.

The block button for all keys of your Mercedes

You step out of the house and routinely pat down your pockets. Smartphone, wallet, you've got everything – but where is the car key? Have you misplaced it, or lost it? Or has it even been stolen? The uncertainty makes for an uneasy feeling. Take a breath and deactivate your car key via the Mercedes me App. And once the key has turned up, you can activate it again via the Mercedes me App.


Your advantages at a glance

One click in the Mercedes me App and entering your Mercedes me PIN blocks all your keys and locks your Mercedes. Compatible NFC devices such as the digital vehicle key on the smartphone are also deactivated. The two-stage steering wheel lock provides additional protection. This way you can be sure that nobody moves your Mercedes without you wanting them to.

"Car sharing is caring" – share your Mercedes contactlessly

Your friends have spontaneously decided to go on a trip? Your family needs to use your Mercedes every now and again? With this upgrade, you'll keep those dear to you mobile – without loads of organising. Thanks to the digital key handover, you can have your Mercedes ready for someone else to borrow at a moment's notice, at any time and from anywhere, and flexibly go about your own business, wherever you may be. The process is easy: simply add a key in the vehicle which is to be used for authentication purposes. To do this, activate the key at the desired time in your Mercedes me App. Once the person has finished using your vehicle, you can deactivate the key on the spot, using the App. The borrower of your vehicle doesn't need to do anything except message or call you before and after.


Note on use

Please note your specific insurance conditions which apply independently of this service. Insuring other drivers and permission to leave a key in the glove compartment are matters you must clarify directly and individually with your insurer. Please only leave a deactivated vehicle key in the vehicle. An activated key which is left in the glove compartment may lead to loss of your insurance coverage.

Product information

Safety and Service
Mercedes-Benz UK Limited
Note on use
Term: 12 months; 36 months

The included services "Personalisation", "Programming of Auxiliary heating/ventilation", "Theft notification and parking damage detection", "Remote Window Control", "Remote Control, Beginner Driver Mode" and "Remote Control, Valet Service Mode" require that the corresponding optional equipment is installed in the vehicle.

Notification by smartphone in conjunction with the service "Theft notification and parking damage detection" is not available for cabriolets.

The Excellence Package is available for all model series with a navigation system.

The Excellence Package is available in all model series with the MBUX multimedia system or the COMAND Online multimedia system.

Being able to locate your vehicle requires an active Mercedes me account, acceptance of the terms of use of Mercedes me connect, at least one activated digital product in the vehicle as well as activation of the Stolen Vehicle Help service. The tracking of stolen vehicles is independent of the Vehicle Tracker, which vehicle users can activate or deactivate themselves. The tracking of stolen vehicles on the other hand is started solely by a member of the staff of our authorised partner's security centre at your behest – in close coordination with police. It will be terminated automatically after 30 days if the vehicle does not send a new position for 30 consecutive days. You do not have any information about the position of your vehicle during the search process.

How do I use the Mercedes me connect functions on my smartphone?
You can use the Mercedes me connect functions via the Mercedes me App on your smartphone.
The smartphone app is available from the App Store™ for iOS devices and from the Google Play™ Store for Android devices.

Shutdown of 3G network by telecommunications providers
Due to shutdown of the 3G network by the telecommunications providers, this Digital Extra is no longer available for vehicles with internet access via 3G. Further information on shutdown of the network is to be found here