In-Car Office
In-Car Office

At a glance

  • Create and read out emails and calendar entries by voice command
  • Review and sort email inbox on the multimedia display when the vehicle is stationary
  • Automatic dial-in to conference calls, including automatic transfer of dial-in data and display of incoming conference details (e.g. organiser)
  • Start navigation to location information saved in the appointment calendar with one click
  • Automatic call initiation for Tasks with saved phone numbers (e.g. contacts, hotel, etc.)

Your workplace in the car

With In-Car Office you use your valuable time productively in your vehicle too: thanks to the read-aloud function for emails and the ability to initiate conference calls via voice command, along with a reminder function, you can concentrate fully on the journey - and still work. Changes in your calendar are updated promptly in the vehicle and outstanding calls are displayed as To Dos. So you're always up to date when out and about.


Your advantages at a glance

In-Car Office allows you to work while on the road – without having to take your hands off the wheel. Thanks to the automation of lots of functions, the service saves you having to reach for your smartphone and thus makes working easier and safer: for example, you can automatically dial into a conference call or work through emails by voice command and use the read-aloud function while driving. This makes work before and after meetings simple and straightforward. You can confer with people during your journey, for example, to ensure you are optimally prepared when you appear at the meeting with your customer. In-Car Office transforms your Mercedes into a comfortable office.


Note on use

In-Car Office is available in vehicles with MBUX multimedia system and a media display of at least 10.25 inches in size. With COMAND Online use is restricted, the email functions are not available. To use the service, you must have access to the vehicle as the main user with your Mercedes me driver profile.

In order to use this service, you also require a corresponding email account with the relevant email provider. You can find out here which email providers are supported for your vehicle.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz UK Limited
Note on use
Term: 12 months

The following conditions must be met before use:

  • Your vehicle must be linked to your Mercedes me user account
  • The necessary pre-installation for Remote Package, Vehicle Setup or Remote Online must be available in your vehicle
  • The Personalisation service, included in the Vehicle Setup or Remote Package, must be available for your vehicle and activated within the Mercedes me App
  • An email account with a supported email provider must be active and specified in the Mercedes me App (under the required service data for In-Car Office)
  • Your smartphone must be connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth™


In-Car Office can be used in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles with MBUX multimedia system and a media display of at least 10.25 inches in size. Please note that the email functionality is not supported in vehicles with COMAND Online. In-Car Office is only available for Mercedes me connect markets.

The data from a customer's own "collaboration account" (e.g. calendar entries, tasks) with a compatible third-party provider are accessed via the backend and processed to allow display in the vehicle.
When using information received via the interface to Gmail, the application complies with Google requirements relating to restricted use.

  1. SET-UP: How can I activate In-Car Office in the vehicle?
    Make sure that your vehicle is linked to your Mercedes me user account. Add the In-Car Office service to your shopping cart in the Mercedes me Store and complete the order. To activate In-Car Office in the vehicle, open the menu item "Apps" on the main screen of the multimedia system of your Mercedes and select "In-Car Office". Enter your Mercedes me password. Under Settings, select "Account link with In-Car Office". After you have used your smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen for verification purposes, you can enter your email address and complete the setup. After successfully synchronising your email account, you can use In-Car Office in your Mercedes.


  3. NEW VEHICLES: For how long can I use In-Car Office free of charge after purchasing a vehicle?
    When you purchase your Mercedes (new vehicle) with MBUX multimedia system or COMAND Online, you can use In-Car Office free of charge for a limited period of three months after initial activation. You can then extend the term in the Mercedes me Store.


  5. EMAIL PROVIDERS: Which email providers are supported by In-Car Office?
    You can find out here which email providers are supported for your vehicle.
    You can link three different email accounts with your In-Car Office.