Navigation for Trailers and Oversized Vehicles
Navigation for Trailers and Oversized Vehicles

At a glance

  • Optimised route guidance based on vehicle length, width, height and permissible gross weight
  • Avoid narrow roads and entry restrictions
  • Send routes to the vehicle using Send-to-Car and start navigation directly

Finds a suitable route for your vehicle.

Take the strain out of route planning – even in vehicles whose dimensions exceed those of a typical passenger car. Navigation for Trailers and Oversized Vehicles calculates an optimised route based on the individual requirements. To this end, simply specify the dimensions of your vehicle/trailer combination and its permissible gross weight. Obstacles such as low tunnels, bridges and narrow roads will then be avoided.

Your advantages at a glance.

Enter the length, width and height as well as the permissible gross weight of your vehicle or vehicle/trailer combination in the Mercedes me App. These dimensions are then taken into account automatically in the Mercedes me App during route calculation. Routes that cannot be used due to headroom restrictions, the radii of bends, road width and other parameters are thus excluded. Using Send-to-Car you can send the optimised route with ease to the MBUX multimedia system in your Mercedes vehicle and start navigation directly there.

Note on use:

Please note that intermediate destinations entered in MBUX cannot currently be taken into account during route calculation. You can, however, enter the intermediate destination as a new destination in the Mercedes me App and share this with the vehicle. We expect that it will be possible to enable this function via a software update in a workshop as of Q1/2023. The software update also includes an additional functional expansion, for example voice input. This process is subject to a charge.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz UK Limited
Note on use
Licence term limited
Item number
  • The service is available in model series equipped with the MBUX multimedia system
  • Navigation for Oversize Vehicles is available only for vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with front or rear-wheel drive
  • Please note that vehicles with a manufacturing date before 02/2022 must be updated to the required software version in the workshop. This process is subject to a charge
Navigation for Trailers and Oversized Vehicles is only an aid. The driver must continue to observe the actual road conditions and surroundings at all times.