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Vitalising comfort in your Mercedes. Enjoy the effects of carefully composed comfort programs that can enhance your driver-fitness safety and well-being. Individual program recommendations based on the current situation give you targeted support when you link your compatible Garmin® wearable.

If you feel fit, you drive more attentively – and feel relaxed when you arrive at your destination. The positive effects of the ENERGIZING comfort programs can support you physically and mentally while driving, enabling you to negotiate even those longer journeys with ease. The programs control the comfort features in the vehicle – such as automatic climate control, ambient lighting and the music system – thus creating experiences that vitalise you just when you need it. The ENERGIZING COACH also gives you individual program recommendations, suggesting a suitable fitness or wellness experience based on trip or vehicle data such as the traffic situation or weather. These recommendations are even more precisely adapted to your needs if you link your compatible Garmin® wearable to the ENERGIZING COACH.

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

Boost your energy levels while driving

After a long day in the office, your Mercedes and ENERGIZING COMFORT can transform your journey home into a unique wellness experience. Choose one of the five comfort programs – "Refresh", "Warmth", "Vitality", "Joy" or "Well-being" – and your Mercedes will create the right set-up to enhance your well-being. To do this, existing features such as ambient lighting, seat massage, air conditioning and many more are combined to boost your energy levels as you drive and ensure that you reach your destination feeling relaxed. As well as relieving your tiredness when on the move, your Mercedes can also actively help you relax while you are parked. You can use the multimedia system to find out how to relax your muscles, for example. If you have an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, you can use the recharging breaks to boost your own energy levels by taking a power nap. The "Power Nap" program helps you fall asleep and wake up by moving the seat to the correct position and creating an ideal atmosphere with light, sound and fragrancing. Fall asleep and wake up again with your Mercedes – at the push of a button.

Note on use

The program descriptions apply to the driver. Some parts of the programs may differ for the other vehicle occupants.

Your personal fitness and wellness coach

There are moments on the road when an invigorating massage or a refreshing break would be just the ticket. With the ENERGIZING COACH on board, your Mercedes may not be able to read such needs from your eyes, but it can do so based on your vital signs. This software-based services gives you individual program recommendations. To do this, it firstly analyses current trip and vehicle data – such as the traffic situation, weather or trip duration – and secondly it can take account of your current physical and mental state. This is made possible by linking with compatible Garmin® wearables (smartwatches/fitness trackers). Once linked, the ENERGIZING COACH selects suitable fitness or wellness experiences for you, which you can launch directly.


Note on use

This requires your smartphone to be connected with the vehicle as the main phone. Additionally, you must ensure that the compatible Garmin© wearable has been connected to this smartphone via the Garmin Connect© app. As soon as you have consented to the data transfer as part of the "on-boarding process" within the Mercedes me App or on the Mercedes me Portal, your data will be transferred directly from your wearable to the vehicle by Bluetooth. Further information about this can be found in your vehicle's owner's manual.


Overview of compatible Garmin® wearables:

Garmin® vívosmart® 3, Garmin® vívosmart® 4, Garmin® vívoactive® 3 Mercedes, Garmin® vívoactive® 4, Garmin® vívomove® HR, Garmin® vívosport®, Garmin® venu®, Garmin® Forerunner®, Garmin® Instinct®, Garmin® tactix® Charlie, Garmin® fēnix®, Garmin® MARQ®

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Note on use
Term: 12 months; 36 months

The respective comfort features can only be activated if they are installed in the vehicle.