Remote & Navigation Services

At a glance

  • Call up charging status and program pre-entry climate control
  • Know and navigate to charging stations near your vehicle

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

All charged up and with a pleasant interior temperature just when you need it.

You've just finished a work-out and are set to meet up with some friends afterwards. With the service Programming of charging settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control, your Mercedes-Benz EQ Power is always ready when you are. You can enter your departure time and your desired interior temperature conveniently via the Mercedes me App and prepare for the evening in the most relaxed of moods. When it's time to go, the interior of your Mercedes will be duly cooled in the summer or warmed up in the winter. Icy windows are a thing of the past. You will also be informed about the current charging level. And all you need to concern yourself with is having a good time.

Know and navigate to public charging stations.

Always have the next chance to charge your Mercedes-Benz EQ Power in view. Be it in the city or on long distance routes – you won’t lose track of charging opportunities with the service Display of Charging Stations. Charging stations will be displayed on the map and, if known, their availability, connector type and provider. See the distance and time to drive to a charging station and send the destination directly to your navigation system. For a full overview and full power.

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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The included service "Charging settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control" requires the corresponding optional extras to be installed in the vehicle.

How do I use the Mercedes me connect functions on my smartphone?
You can use the Mercedes me connect functions via the Mercedes me App on your smartphone.
The smartphone app is available from the App Store™ for iOS devices and from the Google Play™ Store for Android devices.