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Your smartphone is always with you – an indispensable tool for organising day-to-day life. Preferably state of the art, just like the link to your Mercedes. Lock the doors, open the windows or check the fuel level? All just a flick of a finger away.

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

So you know just where you are.

Foreign city, winding streets – you can find yourself asking where you parked and what the quickest way back to your vehicle is. Fortunately, your smartphone knows the answer. Your parked vehicle can be located by the app within a radius of 1.5 km, providing you with the quickest route back to your Mercedes straight away.

Leave nothing to chance.

Your offspring is off once again on a spontaneous tour in your Mercedes with friends. But you don't want your vehicle to be manoeuvred off in all directions without any restrictions? Then simply define a restricted area by marking it out on your smartphone or on the Mercedes me Portal. As soon as your vehicle leaves or enters this area again, you will be notified.

Everything safely in view.

On landing in your holiday paradise, you have a nagging doubt about whether you have locked your vehicle at the airport back home. If you forgot to do so, you can lock it now from anywhere in the world via smartphone thanks to the Mercedes me App. And if you ever lock yourself out of your Mercedes or fellow travellers arrive at the vehicle before you, you can also unlock the doors conveniently by app.

Finds your Mercedes whenever and wherever.

If someone from the family has borrowed your Mercedes without asking, you'll obviously be keen to know just where they are at any given moment. You can easily find this out: either via smartphone or on the Mercedes me Portal. Your vehicle's current GPS coordinates will be relayed for this purpose. The driver will be informed of this tracking and can deactivate the function by phone if they wish via the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center. Contact can be made via Info Call or on your own mobile phone.

Everything just as you like it.

Did your son with a different taste in music adjust all the radio settings on his last trip? Simply use the Personalisation function so that everything is as you're used to it when you climb in. You can use it to add your individual profile to store the lumbar support and mirror settings, colour settings for the ambient lighting, your favourite radio station and further functions on a permanent basis. You can store these personal settings in your vehicle under "Settings" and call them up at any time. For supreme comfort from the moment you set off – at the push of a button.

No more unpleasant surprises.

A smartphone notification informs you in real time should your vehicle be moved or disturbed. In addition, the Mercedes me connect App shows the cause of the alarm as well as the level, place and time of the damage. When potential parking damage is detected, you will also see this information on the multimedia display when you enter the vehicle.

Ready for any change in the weather.

You arrive at the office in the morning in heavy rain, but later the sun comes out. To prevent your Mercedes parked outside from getting too hot inside by the time you finish work, you can raise the sliding sunroof by remote control. A tap on a button in the Mercedes me App is all it takes – even if you are not near your car. And should it start to rain again, the sliding sunroof will close automatically to keep the interior safe and dry.

Let your Mercedes light up the way.

It's a familiar predicament: in the dark it can prove impossible to find the vehicle which you parked in a large car park in daylight. The simplest solution: save yourself the trouble and have your Mercedes guide you instead. Just activate your vehicle's hazard warning lamps and horn in the Mercedes me App. Your vehicle will remain locked as you make your way to it.

Fresh air at the push of a button.

The sunniest of weather can sometimes be a challenge, as you can't always find a parking space in the shade. Provide for a pleasant climate inside your Mercedes before you set off again. Using the Mercedes me App, you can open the windows and freshen up the interior by remote control while you are on the way to your vehicle. Should it suddenly begin to rain, the windows will close again automatically.

To prevent your Mercedes from going astray.

The long-awaited holiday is finally here. You entrust your Mercedes to a valet parking service upon arrival at the airport. You want to be sure your Mercedes is in safe hands, of course. Vehicle Monitoring lets you keep an eye on all your vehicle's movements while you're away. You receive a notification whenever the ignition is switched on or whenever your Mercedes is moved away from its parking space. So that you have everything under control - leaving you free to enjoy the finer things in life while on holiday.

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The included services "Personalisation", "Theft notification and parking damage detection" and "Remote Window Control" require that the corresponding optional equipment is installed in the vehicle.

Notification by smartphone in conjunction with the service "Theft notification and parking damage detection" is not available for cabriolets.

How do I use the Mercedes me connect functions on my smartphone?
You can use the Mercedes me connect functions via the Mercedes me App on your smartphone.
The smartphone app is available from the App Store™ for iOS devices and from the Google Play™ Store for Android devices.