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Whether radio or streaming – this package fulfils your music wishes, seamlessly integrated into the MBUX multimedia system. Link the streaming providers available for your vehicle with your Mercedes and listen to your favourite stations without interruption, courtesy of Online Radio. You'll also get help signing up for an all-inclusive data package for music streaming with a selected third-party provider. By taking out the data contract (Comfort data volume for third parties), you get the opportunity to enjoy Music Streaming – without using up your smartphone data volume and at no additional cost.

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

Stream your favourite music in your Mercedes.

Thanks to streaming, your favourite songs are always available – now also directly via the MBUX multimedia system. Through your respective music streaming provider* you can listen to your playlists and access the entire music catalogue. The operation is perfectly integrated into the familiar environment of your Mercedes. The MBUX voice assistant is particularly easy to control: "Hey Mercedes, play the latest hits!"


*To use the service, a corresponding account with the respective streaming provider must be available. To find out which streaming providers are supported for your vehicle, please see here.

Radio enjoyment with extras for music fans.

Who's singing that great song that's playing on the radio right now? Your Mercedes will tell you, even if the track is not announced, as it recognises and shows artists and titles.

Continue listening without interruption – even outside the reception area.

An exciting report is currently running and you are dying to know what happens next. Thanks to IP Service Following, you can listen to the same station for as long as you like, even on long journeys through different transmission areas. Even if the radio reception should break off from time to time, the broadcast will continue.

Radio stations and podcasts from around the world in your Mercedes.

Good music makes every journey more enjoyable. All the more so when it meets your taste exactly. Whether pop, hip hop or the hits of the 80s: your Mercedes offers access to more than 100,000 global radio stations and more than 4000 podcasts. Select your programme based on stations, music genres, categories such as sports or talk, and languages, and save your favourites. The latest generation of MBUX fulfils your music wishes with a simple announcement: "Hey Mercedes, play Classic Rock!"

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Depending on the generation of your multimedia system, data volume must be available via Internet in the Car or, where possible, your own data volume will need to be used via tethering.To find out which streaming providers are supported for your vehicle, please see here.

Internet in the Car is not available in: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Japan, Korea (South), Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore

Use of Radio Service Following and Augmented Radio Information requires activation of the vehicle's hard-disc navigation system.