Remote Parking Assist
Remote Parking Assist

At a glance

  • Manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces by smartphone app
  • Handles parallel and end-on parking as well as driving into and out of garages
  • High level of safety thanks to ultrasonic sensors

App into every parking space.

The search for a parking space in the city centre or a residential area often takes too long. Once you've finally found a parking space, it's often so tight that you can just about park but not get out of the car. With Remote Parking Assist you can conveniently park and then unpark your Mercedes fully automatically whilst you keep an eye on the proceedings from outside – all via an app.


Your advantages at a glance

Just watch your vehicle glide into and out of parking spaces. You can manoeuvre your Mercedes into and out of parking spaces or garages from outside the vehicle by remote control, using your smartphone. You and your passengers can conveniently get out of the car prior to the parking manoeuvre and get back in after it has manoeuvred out of the parking space. The Parking Assist sensors on board the vehicle ensure that it moves safely. Should there be any obstacles in the surrounding area your vehicle detects them and stops automatically. You have everything under control at all times with your smartphone and have a relaxed view of the parking manoeuvres from outside the vehicle.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz UK Limited
Note on use
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Please note that Remote Parking Assist requires the following optional extras.

On vehicles up to year of construction 09/2020:

  • COMAND Online / Audio 20
  • Parking Package with 360° camera
  • Remote Parking Package / pre-installation for Remote Parking Assist

On vehicles from year of construction 10/2020 onwards:

  • Parking Package with remote parking functions

Please also note that the version of the Remote Parking Assist App required depends on the vehicle's year of construction (see "FAQs").

The connectivity required for the remote control function is the responsibility of the customer.

  1. Where can I get the Remote Parking Assist app?
    There are two versions of the smartphone app available for each operating system – from the App StoreTM for iOS devices or from the Google PlayTM Store for Android devices.

    For vehicles up to year of construction 09/2020:
    App Store™
    Google Play™ Store

  2. For vehicles from year of construction 10/2020 onwards:
    App Store™
    Google Play™ Store

  3. Can I use the service Remote Parking Assist with more than one device?
    Yes, you can pair the service in your Mercedes with up to ten smartphones so co-users can also use the service. Furthermore, you can pair several vehicles with each smartphone.

  4. Do I need an active internet connection?
    No, parking or manoeuvring using Remote Parking Assist does not require an internet connection. This means that you can also use the service in underground car parks, for example. The only time you need an internet connection is when downloading the app from the store and when setting up the app on your smartphone.

  5. Can I use the service Remote Parking Assist after downloading the app?
    You can use Remote Parking Assist once you have registered for Mercedes me and linked your vehicle. For vehicles up to year of construction 09/2020, please link your smartphone(s) to the vehicle. You only need to do this once. This authorisation is necessary in addition to linking the vehicle to your Mercedes me ID. Initiate authorisation in your vehicle's multimedia system in the "Assistance" menu and follow the instructions in the app. You can then use the service.

  6. How far away from my Mercedes can I be when using the service Remote Parking Assist?
    To use the service you must remain within around three metres of the vehicle. If you move further away, the vehicle will stop automatically. Please note that you are still the driver and therefore bear the responsibility for your vehicle. Keep checking that there is no danger due to obstacles or for people in the vicinity of the vehicle.

  7. What happens if the connection to the vehicle is faulty or fails?
    In the event of a poor connection, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, indicating that the vehicle is stopping. If the connection fails completely, the vehicle will stop and the engine will be switched off automatically. You can continue the parking manoeuvre after establishing a new connection.