Navigation Package

At a glance

The basis for reliable, convenient navigation. Thanks to dynamic route guidance based on real-time data, you reach your destination more quickly – with additional information to help you once you get there.

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

Takes you directly to the next available parking space.

The troublesome search for a parking space – stressful for the driver, avoidable traffic build-up for local residents. The Available Parking Spaces service locates available parking spaces for you in multi-storey car parks and on the street. If you decide on a spot in a multi-storey car park you will receive information such as opening times, prices, payment options and the height limit of the entrance. For parking spaces on the street you will receive information on the size of the parking space and the time that has elapsed since the space became available.

See the weather coming.

Get ready for the weather at your destination even during the trip – the Weather map service shows you on the map where it's currently sunny, cloudy or raining. Then just tap on the respective weather symbol for further information about the forecast for that area.

Be prepared for any weather, wherever you go.

On your way to the mountains, you plan for a break at an idyllic lake. You’ve packed the swimwear and planned the most beautiful route in advance – now only the weather has to play along. Your Mercedes knows if you can expect sun and pleasant temperatures: MBUX "Weather forecast" shows current weather information and forecasts on the media display. You choose the locations for which weather data is displayed – your current location, your destination and any other location of your choice.

Navigate straight to points of interest at any location.

Where is the Skytree in Tokyo? How do you get to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Your Mercedes knows the way to all the must-see attractions on your city break. You start the Local Search by voice command ..."Hey Mercedes, take me to the Louvre in Paris" or by entering information via the central controls. Save your search results or start your navigation system right away. This way, you can find any point of interest with ease.

Finds the fastest route to your destination every time.

On your well deserved weekend outing you are making good progress on the motorway when all of sudden everything comes to a grinding halt – you're in a jam. It is situations such as this that make you wish you had a means of foreseeing traffic situations and taking timely evasive action. Live Traffic Information makes precisely this possible: Your route is modified automatically by reference to current traffic information, and you can continue your journey on less congested roads. Your arrival time is updated dynamically so that you know exactly when you will reach your destination. You stay on the move and can make the best possible use of your valuable time.

Safe and anticipatory driving with the aid of information from the connected network.

On a trip in the mountains you're suddenly confronted with an icy patch around a bend and only just avoid skidding out of control. Everyone has experienced such unsettling situations, which pose a major risk in road traffic. Thanks to Car-to-X Communication you can see such hazards coming and react in good time. Vehicles equipped with this technology communicate with each other, so that information is relayed to your vehicle and you, in turn, also keep other drivers informed. You are warned by a marking on the navigation map and, where appropriate, by a spoken announcement. This way, you reach your destination safely, and without any unpleasant surprises.

Always on track with up-to-date map data.

Time before heading off on holidays is at a minimum and you still have to go to the workshop to have your navigation data updated? Such time-consuming map updates are a thing of the past with the Online Map Update. You can conveniently update your map material via download from the Mercedes me Portal. In this way, you can always be sure that you will reach your destination via the best route.


Your advantages at a glance

With up-to-date navigation maps you will reach your destination quicker and you will be more relaxed, too. And the Online Map Update also makes updating the map data simpler because a visit to the workshop is no longer required. All you need is a Mercedes me user account and a link to Mercedes me connect for your vehicle. Then select a map region on the Mercedes me Portal and conveniently download the required map material. You can then install the map material in the vehicle using a USB stick or an SD card. Please turn on the ignition to do so.

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The Navigation Package is available for all model series with a navigation system.

The Navigation Package is available in all model series with the MBUX multimedia system or the COMAND Online multimedia system.