At a glance

  • Precisely record acceleration times (e.g. from 0 to 100 km/h) to a tenth of a second
  • Measure lap and sector times on known or self-defined race tracks
  • Visualize racing performance via MBUX and on head-up display
  • View racing parameters and video recordings via MBUX
  • Create and save several separate driver profiles
  • Share video recordings with other drivers (only available for certain model series)

The personal trainer for your racing performance

You want to push beyond your limits. Keep improving your driving performance. The most competent and precise way to do this? Your Mercedes with AMG TRACK PACE. Test yourself against your own best times and compete with other drivers. This gives you driving experiences on a par with real motor racing. High-speed adrenaline combined with maximum control.


Your advantages at a glance

Measure your driving performance down to the finest details and gain complete mastery of your Mercedes. AMG TRACK PACE records your driving time to tenth-of-a-second accuracy, simultaneously determining up to 80 items of vehicle-specific data. Visualization while you are driving shows you at a glance whether you are on course for the time you have set yourself. After your drive, you can assess your driving performance by reference to individual analyses which are presented via MBUX. Visualize your own best time as a ghost car and challenge yourself (only in conjunction with MBUX augmented reality for navigation).

Use "Track Race" mode to measure lap and sector times. Well-known race tracks are already stored in the system. You can also define your own circuits. In "Drag Race" mode you can choose from various options for measuring acceleration and deceleration values. You can find out how quickly your Mercedes accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h, for example. While you focus on a perfect result, AMG TRACK PACE never misses a detail.

You can share your personal bests with other drivers via social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and AMG Private Lounge, your smartphone or external data storage media (only available for certain model series).


User note

AMG TRACK PACE is only approved for use on closed-off tracks which are not accessible to the general public. This feature is non-refundable.

Product information

Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
Note on use
Permanently available in the vehicle following once-only activation and non-refundable

AMG TRACK PACE is available in selected Mercedes-AMG vehicles and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with AMG Line (P31, P29 or 950) in conjunction with the MBUX and COMAND Online multimedia systems. The on-demand feature requires the relevant items of special equipment in the vehicle.


How do I activate the on-demand feature in the vehicle?
Please make sure that your vehicle is connected to your Mercedes me user account and that the vehicle's GPS reception is working. In the Mercedes me Store place the on-demand feature available for your vehicle in the shopping cart and complete the order.

The vehicle's ignition must be turned off for activation. Turn the ignition on again after approximately 2 minutes. The menu item "AMG TRACK PACE" is redisplayed on the main screen/homescreen of the multimedia system in your Mercedes and is available for use.