smart control Services

At a glance

  • Find charging stations near you, start the charging process and pay – all with a single app
  • Retrieve the vehicle status for, e.g. range, state of charge and average consumption
  • Smart charging: enter time slot when the vehicle is to be charged
  • Start pre-entry climate control immediately or set departure time by when the vehicle is to be at the desired temperature

The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle's equipment.

Plug in the charging cable and charge.

Stop, plug in, charge – done. Thanks to Plug & Charge, you can start the charging process at public charging stations without any additional activation. Your smart and the charging station communicate by means of secure digital certificates. The entire charging process and the settlement take place automatically, without any charging cards or further apps whatsoever.


Note on use:

In order to use "Plug & Charge", a contract to that effect is required with the provider of the particular charging station.

Easy charging while out and about.

Find it instead of looking for it. Keeping an eye out for the next charging possibility – wherever you are at any particular moment. The navigation map shows the exact location of the charging station plus further details such as occupancy, times of use, plug type and charging costs.

Motoring with full power and a good climate.

Finally done with work – off to working out. Once arrived at the studio, you plug in your smart to charge it. A brief thought of the trip home: all that's left to do is to programme the pre-entry climate control with just a few clicks. And you can look forward to just relaxing. While you train, the climate control system or heating start fully automatically. The electricity is used intelligently during charging in order to achieve this. Get in, enjoy the feel-good climate and turn the full battery capacity into range.

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Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U.
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How do I use the smart control Services functions on my smartphone?
You can use the smart control Services functions via the smart EQ control App on your smartphone.
The smartphone app is available from the App Store™ for iOS devices and from the Google Play™ Store for Android devices.