Payment methods

Payment methods

You can pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Payment by credit card

We accept VISA and Mastercard™ – with the added security of the respective 3D Secure services Mastercard™ Identity Check™ (SecureCode™) and Verified by Visa. The secure 3D process will be required with certain payments and safeguards the payment through an additional authentication process, thereby providing additional security when processing your credit card data. The additional authentication process is individually defined and undertaken by your credit card-issuing bank once your credit card details have been entered and verified.

You haven't used the 3D Secure process before?

In this case, once you have entered your credit card details, the credit card-issuing bank will take you through the additional authentication process. This will make the payment process several steps longer. Please be patient – these measures are designed to help keep your credit card secure.